How much does a video cost?

I get asked this question a lot!
These days its pretty standard for a company to be looking into video as a way to market their business social media is full of video content so I rarely get asked ‘why?’ but always ‘how much’.
The truth of the matter is there really isn’t a straight up answer to that. It’s not like buying a pair of trainers where there is an RRP, we make custom solutions for every client so prices can vary wildly.
Here are some things to consider when looking into costs;
Time it takes
- How many hours/ days will my production take to film?
- How many hours/ days will it take to edit?
- Am I expecting to see lots of motion graphics?
Talent used
- Do I hire a freelancer/ professional company?
- Do you need professional actors or can you use staff/ friends?
- Do you need to pay for a stylist?
- Which camera is suitable?
- What type of lights and audio setup is required?
- Can we use our own office/ home/ outdoor space?
- Should we hire a studio/ Airbnb/ office
Final outcome
- What are my expectations?
- Who will see the video?
- What do you want the viewer to take away?
It's really important to consider what the production is for. Is it internal, for social, a company profile or product demo? How high level does the production need to be?
Here are the 4 main types of video suppliers;
1. Amateur
Basically someone fresh out of college who is willing to work for very low money or none at all.
Benefits; Inexpensive
Risks; Amateur results, may not get the desired content, might be difficult to contact
Perfect for; Personal blogs or YouTubers
Price; Free/ expenses
2. Freelancer
A trained professional who normally has 1 main set of skills (camera or editing)
Benefits; Higher production values and still very affordable
Risks; Might be working on several jobs at once so you may end up with significant delays
Perfect for; Low level events, basic internal comms
Price; US$500-800 per day
3. Professional
Fully trained professionals using medium to high-end equipment and top notch production values. Will have a small team of people who are experts in their designated field.
Benefits; Efficient and reliable with a solid client base and video examples
Risks; May have experience in a very niche area only - fashion or corporate for example
Perfect for; Large events, product demos, professional corporate communications, crowdfunding videos
Price; US$2,000-20,000
4. TV and Film
Broadcast level quality and crews that are very experienced in a number of areas.
Benefits; Should be the best in the business
Risks; Can be very expensive to work with
Perfect for; TVC, short films, trailers, creating a stand-out piece
Price; US$20,000 and up
It’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind when planning who to reach out to. Also try to find some reference videos to use as a benchmark, this way right from the outset both you and the video provider know what’s expected.
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